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P-2602HW Series ADSL2+ VoIP IAD All-in-one ADSL 2+ VoIP IAD for SOHO

All-in-one ADSL 2+ VoIP IAD for SOHO

- ADSL, ADSL2/2+ support
- SIP (RFC3261) support with 2 phone ports for VoIP
- Advanced security features: SPI Firewall, IPSec VPN
- Support QoS to prioritize voice and data traffics
- Auto Provisioning for easy deployment

All-in-one ADSL VoIP IAD

ZyXEL P-2602H/HW/HWL Gateway Series is an integrated Internet access device supporting high-speed ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ standard over existing copper lines. Combining convenient Wireless AP (optional), Ethernet switch, Firewall and VoIP gateway features, it is indispensable for homes and small offices with limited space and technical expertise.
Flexible Phone Features

With two built-in phone ports and flexible calling features, ZyXEL P-2602H/HW/HWL not only empowers ITSP to enjoy better profitability from flexible phone number assignment, but also offers unprecedented flexibility for users to talk unlimitedly through high-speed broadband connection.
Advanced Security Features


Based on Stateful Packet Inspection and Denial of Service (DoS) technologies, the P-2602H/HW/HWL provides state-of-the-art firewall performance and robust protection against hackers, network intruders and other malign threats. Furthermore, the standard-based IPSec VPN ensures secured data transmission for site-to-site and remote access deployment. Since data sent by P-2602H/HW/HWL over the Internet can be encrypted, users is free to use the ADSL2/2+ line to replace private leased lines or frame relay networks, allowing global interconnectivity at minimal expense. 

Lifeline Support (P-2602HWL)

"PSTN Lifeline" feature allows users to switch to the standard phone line in case of power or Internet outage. Thanks to the friendly design of P-2602HWL, VoIP service subscribers can place calls just like using a PSTN phone.