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VES-1616F-44 16-port DMT VDSL2 Switch

16-port DMT VDSL2 Switch
Carrier Grade: Beyond Triple Play

- Comply with standard VDSL2 DMT Coding for Outstanding Performance

- Two built-in Dual-personality (RJ-45/ SFP) Interfaces for Flexible Deployment

- A Policy Rule Setting for Classified Filtering, Ensures Traffic Flow Gets the Requested Treatment in the Network
- IEEE 802.3ad Port Trunking for of Multiple Link Aggregation

- Rich feature set to include Advanced Features Such as IGMP Snooping, "MVR" and MAC Filtering

DMT Modulation – Standard Compliance and Outstanding Performance

The ZyXEL VES-1616F-44, a DMT (Discrete Multi-Tone)-based VDSL2 solution that allows dynamic rate change depending on current line condition, offers excellent performance even over noisy lines. This eliminates the need for manual and time-consuming rate adjustments to suit the changing network noise conditions.  Both IEEE’s 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) Task Force and T1E1.4 Working Group selected DMT as its worldwide VDSL line-coding standard.
Port Trunking Provides High Availability

The VES-1616F-44 supports IEEE 802.3ad with load distribution control and fail-over recovery. To balancing traffic loading, the VES-1616F-44 distributes traffic to each trunk port based on the source and destination MAC addresses.
Traffic Prioritization Provides Quality Services 

Enable IGMP snooping on the VES-1616F-44 to improve service quality for IP multicasting applications. This prevents unnecessary forwarding of multicast traffic to all subscribers, thus optimizing bandwidth utilization for bandwidth-consuming applications such video streaming. In addition, the Multicast VLAN registration (MVR) feature allows the VES-1616F-44 to forward the same video streams to device in specific VLANs. Through this intricate technology, duplicate video streams can be reduced significantly making the VES-1616F-44 your first choice in an MoD environment.
Rate Limiting Allows Service Differentiation

You can limit bandwidth on subscriber ports at steps of 64Kbps. This allows service providers to offer tiered service plans.
Excellent Configuration and Management Capabilities

The VES-1616F-44 includes a comprehensive set of management tools to streamline your management effort. The Web-based management interface offers an easy-to-use platform, independent management, and configuration options. The VES-1616F-44 supports SNMP and MIBs, both of which can be managed via standard-based management software. In addition to remote management capabilities, a console port is also available for local management.