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NWA3550 802.11a/g Dış Ortam Kablosuz Erişim Noktası Dış Ortam Kablosuz Ağınızın Performansını Artırın

802.11a/g Dış Ortam Kablosuz Erişim Noktası

Dış Ortam Kablosuz Ağınızın Performansını Artırın

  • Yapılandırılabilir çift frekans bandı ve çeşitli anten seçenekleri
  • WDS özelliği ile ayrık ağları köprüleme
  • IP-66 standartlarına uyumlu dış kaplama ile Ultra Viole ışınlarına karşı etkin koruma
  • Kolay kurulum ve montaj
  • WEP/WPA/WPA2 şifreleme opsiyonları ile üstün güvenlik


Ağınızın Kapsama Alanını Genişletin

The ZyXEL NWA3550 is an ideal solution for business seeking to deploy WLAN services in a variety of outdoor environments for extended dual-band wireless signal coverage and increased aggregated bandwith. The durable waterproof, dust-sealed and UV-resistant casing, as well as ZyXEL’s full options of accessories including antennas, cables and surge resisters enable NWA3550 to offers network planners with a solid and efficient outdoor system.
Bridging discrete networks

In addition to wider bandwidths, the NWA3550 also provides practical applications to bridge separate networks. One of the two radio bands can be used as the connection backbone while the other serves WLAN clients at the same time. This is highly beneficial for businesses to connect different buildings quickly without expensive cable deployments.
Durable casing for all weathers

The exterior of the NWA3550 is designed to comply with the IP-66 standard, which guarantees protection against dusts and even powerful water jets. Furthermore, the device is equipped with a built-in heater monitored by the temperature sensor for NWA3550 to endure harsh outdoor environments.
Abundant kits for snap installation

The NWA3550 has Power over Ethernet (PoE) support that allows administrators to install the device in areas where power outlets are not available. In order to fully supply the electrical power required and to relieve technicians from the hassle finding a suitable PSE, the shipment package includes a ZyXEL-certified PSE unit; and a well-designed mounting kit is also enclosed to facilitate both wall-mount and pole-mount installations.
Enterprise Class Security

ZyXEL delivers enterprise-class security features to small and medium businesses. To shield wireless communication at the source, WPA2 with TKIP/AES encryption provides the latest and toughest standard-based security while WEP encryption supports legacy wireless clients. Additionally, WPA2 ensures the compatibility with all Wi-Fi-certified wireless clients.