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GS-3012 12-port Managed Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 4 Shared Mini-GBIC Slots

12-port Managed Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 4 Shared Mini-GBIC Slots
- High-performance Gigabit backbone applications for small networks
- Businesses or campuses needing high-performance data center connectivity

- ISPs or Telcos looking for aggregation switch with sophisticated QoS and traffic management capability

- ISP or Telcos looking for edge switch for Metro Area Network with access control list and security functionality


Standard Compliance

  •     IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet
  •     IEEE 802.3u 100 Base-Tx Ethernet
  •     IEEE 802.ab 1000 Base-T Ethernet
  •     IEEE 802.3z
  •     IEEE 802.3x Flow control
  •     IEEE 802.1d Spanning tree protocol
  •     IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning tree protocol
  •     IEEE 802.1p Class of service, priority protocols
  •     IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging
  •     IEEE 802.1x
  •     IEEE 802.3ad Port aggregation


  • 24Gbps non-blocking switching fabric
  • 17.8 million packet-per-second forwarding rate
  • Flexible design for both Gigabit copper and Gigabit fiber connectivity
  • 1488000pps forwarding rate for 1000Base-T/1000Base-S connectivity, 148800pps forwarding rate for 100Base-Tx connectivity
  • Wire-speed performance

MAC and Packet Buffer

  •     16K MAC entries
  •     8Mbits packet buffer

Access Control List

  •     Wire speed filtering per MAC/IP/TCP/UDP
  •     Wire speed rate limiting per MAC/IP/TCP/UDP
  •     Wire speed mirroring per MAC/IP/TCP/UDP

Traffic Management and QoS

  •     IEEE 802.1p
  •     8 egress queues per port for different types of traffic
  •     WFQ (Weighted Fair Queue) scheduling for different prioritization of packets
  •     Strict priority queuing for highest priority packets to get best service
  •     IEEE 802.1Q tag-based and port-based VLAN
  •     256 static VLAN, up to 4K dynamic VLAN
  •     Support GVRP, automatic VLAN member registration
  •     Supports jumbo frame, up to 9K Bytes
  •     Supports IGMP snooping
  •     Congestion control on all ports

Rate Limiting

  •     Allow bandwidth to be shaped in steps at 64Kbps
  •     Rate limiting based on combination of L2/L3/L4 fields using ACL

Link Aggregation

  •     IEEE 802.3ad compliant
  •     Support LACP, static and dynamic link aggregation
  •     Up to 6 aggregation groups
  •     8 ports per group randomly selected

Redundancy for Fault Backup

  • IEEE802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol(RSTP) provides rapid convergence of spanning tree independent of spanning-tree timer
  • Supports ZyXEL Backup Power System (BPS) that provides internal power source redundancy, improve fault tolerance

User Security and Authentication

  • MAC filtering per port secures access to each port
  • Specific MAC forwarding per port: only specified MAC addresses can access the network (port lock)
  • Limit the number of MAC address per port
  • 802.1x port-based security, prevent unauthorized client access to the network
  • Private VLAN provides security and isolation between ports on a switch, ensures that users can not snoop on each other’s traffic

Network Administration Security

  •     User name/password required for web/telnet/local console administrators
  •     Two level security by specific SNMP read/write community
  •     SSH provides network security by encrypting administration traffic(*)

Network Management

  •     Supports ZyXEL iStacking™ up to 24 switches can be managed by one IP
  •     Web-based management
  •     Telnet CLI
  •     SNMP v2c
  •     RS-232c Local console
  •     IP management: static IP or DHCP client

Hardware Specification

  •     12 100/1000Base-T, auto-negotiation and cross-over
  •     4 SFP bays
  •     1 console port, D-Sub 9 pin Female (DCE)
  •     1 out-of-band management port, RJ-45
  •     1 BPS connector for optional power backup

Physical Specification

  •     Dimensions: 440 (W) x 300 (D) x 45 (H) mm  
  •     Weight: 4 Kg

Power Requirement

  • Power supply
  • Input voltage of AC: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Max power rating of AC: 50 Watt
  • Input voltage of DC: -48VDC: -60VDC
  • Max power rating of DC: 40 Watt

Operation Environment

  •     Operating temperature: 0 ~ 45°C
  •     Storage temperature: -25 ~ 70°C
  •     Operating humidity: 10% ~ 90%, non-condensing

MTBF: 233940 hrs
SFP Selection


  •     SFP-SX (Multi-mode, distance: 550m, wavelength: 850nm)
  •     SFP-LX-10 (Single-mode, distance: 10Km, wavelength: 1310nm)
  •     SFP-LHX1310-40 (Single-mode, distance: 40Km, wavelength: 1310nm)
  •     SFP-ZX-80 (Single-mode, distance: 80Km, wavelength: 1550nm)

ZyXEL Backup Power System*

  •     BPS-120 

* For future release