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Optional document management software modules make the journey to the paperless office even easier! The document management software is feature rich "out of the box" but there are optional modules for customers who want to extend the capabilities of document management beyond the basics.
Optional Document Management Software Modules
Our optional document management software modules include:

 •Document Workflow -  Fully automated document review and approval workflow for documents needing to be routed through several authors, reviewers and approvers before being ready for general distribution. Workflow description and the workflow video tour.
 •Active Directory Integration – User permissions and roles can easily and frequently be synchronized with Microsoft Active Directory Users and worker groups.  It can also be populated with users that do not reside in Active Directory (are not domain members).  Synchronization is best done at the time of the initial deployment.  Active Directory Synchronization has a fixed fee and includes professional services support. Microsoft Active Directory
 •FastFind Search Function - The document management software feature allows users to establish "hot key" links from 3rd party applications to the document repository.  This "hot key" allows users to find any document stored within the document library with a single key stroke.. The FastFind purchase includes professional l service assistance in setting up the first search field. FastFind
 •Print to PORDOC integration tool -
Automatically send your files to the document library using the Print function.  This allows users to store documents directly into the document library from any application that supports the print function. Print to PORDOC

 •Microsoft SharePoint - The document management software offers integration for SharePoint to users who want to implement the Paperless Office but need tools that are not inherent in SharePoint.  Features such as: document scanning and imaging supporting over 300 scanner types, CAD viewers, mark-up, redaction, document approval, document numbering, and 3rd party integration tools such as FastFind all in a single package.  To see an independent consultant’s review of PORDOC Document Management software and SharePoint integration read the Microsoft SharePoint and Integration with Content Management Platforms Whitepaper.
 •Electronic Signatures - The ability to add electronic signatures to documents such as legal agreement makes the document management software even more powerful.  This is accomplished through a partnership  with ARX the manufacturer of Co-sign electronic signature software.  Electronic Signatures
 •Black Out” Sensitive Information (Redaction) -
Redaction is the ability to back out text or images in a document.  It provides a 100% secure way to remove sensitive information such as; Drivers license numbers or addresses. The Redaction Viewer Module is purchased in conjunction with document viewers. Redaction
 •AutoCAD and Document Viewers - Document viewers allow users to see an image of any document without the need to have the native software installed on their computer. The document management software has and entry level PDF and image viewer and for more advance use has incorporated the "Brava" viewers from Informative Graphics into the desktop application.  The viewers come in three different versions and can be purchased only for those who need to have them.  Customers may purchase any quantity or any combination of viewer licenses and assign them to registered users on an individual bases. Licenses may be re-assigned by the system administrator Document viewers . Viewers also support Mark Up and Annotations which provide the ability to make sticky notes and messages on documents.
 •Guest Account Users - For customers who may want a large number of guests to look at documents on a "read-only" basis the software offers a Guest Account feature.  In guest accounts users can share a common User ID and have access to common documents.  Guest Account Users
 •Document Portal - Create a customized portal for external and internal access to the document repository without the need to login or have a registered seat license.   Workers can view documents in "read-only" mode and only see those documents to which they have permission. The Self-Service Portal is used in conjunction with Guest User Accounts.
 •Multiple Document Repositories – Increase document storage capacity by adding multiple repositories (hard drive space) to improve the scalability of the document management software to accommodate even greater number of documents being stored. Multiple Document Repositories
 •Automatic Initiation of Workflow – Workflows for a specific document schema and workflow template can be automatically initiated when adding a document to the system. Automatic Workflow Initiation

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