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RETRIEVAL (This isn’t our serves but it is a standard of retrieval )

Your records are as close as your telephone, fax, email, or web access, and are available to you at any time. Next day delivery is standard. You simply refer to your itemized list of stored items, and (eliminate extra space) after the proper verification of authorization -- tell us what you would like to have delivered, whether a specific file or an entire box, or a number of boxes.

There are a number of different methods for providing you with requested files or documents:

Personal Collection or Viewing - Let us know you are coming and we will have your records pulled and available for you to either pick-up or review in our Viewing Room. Our viewing room is comfortable, and complete with phone, copier, fax and work area if you need to review, or work on your files.

BEYAZ ARCHIVE Delivery - Just let us know when you need your records and we will have them delivered directly to you - on time

Email - We will retrieve the document you need, scan it, and email it to you in PDF format.

Faxing - We will pull the requested documents, photocopy them, return the originals to storage and fax the copies to you.

Mail Delivery - Whether copies or originals, we will pull the requested records, and mail them to you -- overnight or first class -- on the same day as requested.

Telephone Reference - Tell us the information you need and we will pull the records and read

the pertinent information to you over the telephone.

Beyaz Bilgisayar Danışmanlık Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti.
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